Estate Liquidity Strategies

Wealth is often comprised of illiquid assets. Liquidity is required to preserve wealth that has been created over time.


Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

Revenue Canada maximum contribution limits leave many executives with insufficient retirement income. Supplemental pension can be funded in a tax efficient manner.

Estate Replacement Strategies

You can use your capital / assets to meet lifetime financial objectives while maintaining an estate for your heirs.

Planned Giving

Donate funds to charity in exchange for a lifetime tax-free income and a potential tax deduction.

Generation Transfer Strategies

You can arrange for tax effective transfer of assets to next generation without loss of control.

Family Trusts

A valuable estate planning tool specially if the effect of the 21 year rule is a concern.

RRIF Insurance Strategies

An effective method of preserving net estate value.

Leveraged Life Insurance

You can derive financial benefits from your life insurance policy during your lifetime. If planned properly this arrangement produces very attractive results.

Insurance Funded Buy-Sell Agreements and Corporate Ownership

Recent changes in tax legislation necessitate a review of existing buy-sell agreements and/or corporate owned life insurance. Grand fathering of old arrangements could prove to be invaluable.

"If you plan where you are going, you will likely get there!"

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Split Dollar (Shared Ownership) Strategies

A very effective solution for two parties where one needs life insurance coverage and the other has a need for a tax sheltered investment vehicle.